100% Electric, Zero Emissions
160 nautical mile (approx. 180 SM, 300 km) range at battery end-of-life
160 knot (180 mph, 300 kph) cruise speed
3,500 lbs (1,600 kg) of payload in cargo configuration
12 passengers (+2 crew)
30dB quieter than an aircraft or helicopter


Viceroy is REGENT’s flagship seaglider, a 12 passenger vehicle that operates exclusively over water, traversing the sea in one of three modes: hull, hydrofoil, or flight in ground effect. Seagliders have 160 nautical mile range with existing battery technology (upgradeable to over 400 nautical mile range with next generation battery technology) and will enter service by mid-decade. REGENT will put humans on board full-scale prototypes in 2024.

Specifications and configuration are subject to change, images may not reflect the final vehicle design.

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Mission Sets

Passenger Transport

Quick change cabins enables the operator to perform the days mission with minimal downtime.

Mission Sets


Seagliders serve as the ultimate movers of freight.  They bypass congested freeways for wide open waterways. Whether container, pallet or hand load, we efficiently carry 3500 lbs in 834 cubic feet.

Mission Sets


Amazing views, exceptional quiet, incredible speed, and extreme comfort meets unparalleled safety.

Mission Sets

Offshore Logistics

High wave tolerance combined with exceptional cabin configurations makes Viceroy the optimal offshore workhorse.  The seaglider is perfect for moving personnel and equipment safely from shore to rig and back again. 3500 lbs of payload plus 180 mph cruise enable seagliders to deliver the goods where you need them most.

Mission Sets

Search & Rescue

With the ability to respond quickly to any emergency, the seaglider is the perfect platform to get medical personnel IN and patients OUT at a moments notice.  Our three bed interior combined with 3500 lbs of payload ensures that those in need get the urgent care they deserve.

Mission Sets


Seagliders offer a high-speed, low-cost mobility platform to the Department of Defense. Capable of low-signature flight, sensor and communications relay plus rapid infiltration / exfiltration of Special Operating Forces, seagliders are positioned to immediately aid the warfighter in times of peace or high-intensity conflict.




Best-in-class windows enable unmatched viewing experience.  Admire upclose and personal views of the coast, watching the waves safely roll underneath the seaglider while you float on a cushion of air at 180 mph.


Hydrofoils enable smooth rides and high maneuverability in ports.  They are the key enabling difference between seagliders and past ground effect vehicles.  Seaglider hydrofoils retract after takeoff for near-water flight, and redeploy after landing to enable foiling into the terminal dock.

Electric Motors

Electric motors make the seaglider 30 decibels quieter than comparable payload aircraft or helicopters.  In addition, they drastically reduce maintenance cost and completely eliminate emissions from fuel-guzzling combustion engines.

Cargo Door

Large cargo door (6’5” height by 54” width, 1.95m height by 1.37m width) enables convenient cargo loading and makes the seaglider flexible for any mission.


Pointed, deep-V hull enables comfortable landings in multiple sea states. Seagliders can use a deep-V hull because they have hydrofoils for high-speed water transit, and therefore do not need a flat, uncomfortable planning hull.


Distributed ‘blown wing’ propulsion enables low speed, maximum comfort, takeoff and landings.  Safety is enhanced with 8 redundant electric motors.


Onboard safety systems create comprehensive situational awareness for the seaglider captain ensuring the ability to remain clear of obstacles, detect traffic and separate from marine wildlife.



Flat floor, 12 passenger interior for maximum comfort and exceptional views from every seat. Featuring 34 inches of seat pitch, 3000 lbs of payload in the passenger configuration and 88 cu ft of luggage space.


Luxury VIP

Double club interior with side facing lavatory seat occupiable for takeoff and landing.  Travel in total comfort, deafening quiet and experience exceptional views from every seat.  Featuring optional lie flat seating and wi-fi in a standup cabin.

Luxury VIP


Unparalleled Visibility

3 Axis Auto Pilot

Primary Operational Display

Full Authority Digital motor Control

Fly by Wire Steering

Single lever thrust control

Synthetic Vision

Moving Maps

Marine and Aerospace Traffic Advisory Systems

IR Camera

Forward looking sonar

Maritime Radar

Electronic charts with Paperless Cockpit


65 ft.
15.5 ft.
57.5 ft.


Seating (Crew + Pax)
2 + 12
Wing Loading
54 psf
Noise Takeoff (100 m in-plane)
59 dBA

External Dimension

57.5 ft.
15.5 ft.
Wing Span
65 ft.

Cabin Dimensions

26 ft.
6 ft.
5.5 ft.
Cargo Door
4.75 ft. x 5.4 ft.


120 kW

Design Weights

Max Water Weight
14,400 lbs.
Max Takeoff Weight
15,400 lbs.
Max Landing Weight
15,400 lbs.

Cabin Volume

12 Pax Configuration
Passenger Cabin
746 cu ft.
Luggage Area
88 cu ft.


End-of-life Batteries
180 sm. / 156 nm.
180 mph / 156 kts


Useful Load Passenger Configuration
3,000 lbs.
Useful Load Cargo Configuration
3,500 lbs.