Coastal Travel.
100% Electric.

See It In Action
Regent Seaglider mid flight


We develop & manufacture all-electric, passenger-carrying, wing-in-ground-effect vehicles to service coastal routes, building on real-world-proven tech.

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Zero-emission, ultra-low-altitude travel

180 miles (290 km) at 180 mph (290 kph)

Existing dock infrastructure

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Our Launch Partners

Brittany FerriesGoombay AirFly The
Ocean FlyerOcean Flyer
Committed to connecting communities across the motu, tackling climate change, and building a more resilient and affordable transport network for everyone in New Zealand.
Mesa AirlinesMesa Airlines
One of America’s largest regional airlines with 15 million passengers carried annually on their 140 aircraft fleet
Southern Airways Express
Leading commuter airline serving New England, Florida/Caribbean, and Hawaii
Brittany Ferries
Largest ferry operator in English Channel
Fly The WhaleFly The Whale
Land and Sea based Charter company specializing in transfers from Manhattan and throughout the Caribbean.
Croatian fast ferry operator servicing Split to the Croatian islands

A new approach for regional Travel

Lower Costs

Electric maritime transportation enables drastic decreases in fuel costs, maintenance, and taxes.

Increased Speed

No airport security and 180mph cruise speed enable faster door-to-door times.

Zero Emissions

Seaglider’s 100% electric propulsion system enables zero-emission, high-speed transportation.

Regent Seaglider taking off

We are the Future of Travel

Our team of experienced aerospace and naval engineers are pioneering safe, high-speed, zero-emission, regional transportation.

Meet the Team
Regent Seaglider fliying over water
Regent Seaglider taking off
Regent Seaglider taking off
Regent Seaglider flying over water
Regent Seaglider fliying over water during sunset