July 14, 2022

REGENT Summer Interns: Meet the Class of 2022

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This summer we welcomed our very first cohort of summer interns, working alongside the engineering, operations, and business development teams in our Burlington, MA headquarters. The internship program offers undergraduate and graduate students across disciplines the opportunity to provide significant contributions to the REGENT team, as well as relevant experience for students. Learn more about this impressive group of interns and what they're working on this summer.

The REGENT summer intern Class of 2022

Nikolay Almazov, People Operations

School: Bentley University & Northwestern Kellogg School of Management
: Cambridge, MA

Nikolay Almazov
I'm working on all things operations—from selecting the right technology vendors to supporting our recruitment efforts. I’m also working on establishing scalable processes to implementing solutions that will further improve our security posture, and working on onboarding new vendors.

: Nikolay will be pursuing his MBA in August at Northwestern Kellogg School of Management. As an undergraduate, he studied Economics and Finance at Bentley. Outside of school and work, Nikolay enjoys running, hiking, and traveling. During his summer at REGENT, Nikolay is working alongside Senior Operations Manager Aaron Schine and is looking forward to learning how to properly develop an operational strategy that can enable quick growth of an organization, without inhibiting innovation and collaboration.  
Advice for other interns:
“Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Proactively schedule 1:1 with people that interest you.”

Paloma Almodovar, Market Data Analyst

Paloma Almodovar

School: New Jersey Institute of Technology
: Madrid, Spain
: Paloma will be starting a Master's program in Data Science in September. Studying mathematical sciences in college, Paloma enjoys escape rooms and traveling. She is also a fencing team captain at her college.
Advice for other interns:
“Instead of being intimidated, think of everything as a learning opportunity!”

Shawn Chambers, Flight Software Engineering

Shawn Chambers

School: University of Rhode Island
: Stratford, CT
: Shawn is studying Ocean Engineering in a Master’s degree program at the University of Rhode Island. In his free time, he enjoys rock climbing and facilitating outdoor educational programs during school. At REGENT, Shawn is working through simulations on a new prototype and will be completing a perception project in the later stages of his internship.
Advice for other interns:
“Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask questions.”

Niyati Chokshi, Ocean Engineering & Hydrodynamics

School: Mississippi State University, PhD Program
: Starkville, MS
: Niyati is a PhD student in Aerospace Engineering and a Graduate teaching assistant. She loves to kayak, play board games, travel, and hike. At REGENT, Niyati is working on a prototype model and its hydrodynamics. After finishing her PhD, her hope is to work on other models and hydrodynamics.
Advice for other interns:
“Be kind and open to learning from everyone. Make friends and ask questions.”

Colin Docker, Mechanical Engineering

Colin Docker (right) with Aditya Karnam (left)

School: University of Waterloo
: Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
: A proud Canadian who loves poutine, hockey, and robotics, Colin is studying Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo. He is also currently involved in Formula SAE and FIRST robotics. At REGENT, Colin is working on all things actuation and motion control. He is most excited to learn how electro-mechanical systems are designed for marine application. Colin plans to work on designing electro-mechanical systems post-graduation.
Advice for other interns:
“Be sponge and talk to everyone, there is so much to learn.”

Charvi Gupta, Software Engineering

Charvi Gupta

School: Carnegie Mellon University
: Pune, India

I am working on all things software. I’m currently working on a project to communicate with the foil actuator, using RS485 protocol and sending it commands to go to absolute positions. Soon, I will be studying various sensors/actuators and working on sensor fusion.

: Some of Charvi's hobbies and interests include robotics, programming, dancing to Bollywood tunes, and practicing Kathak. Charvi's expertise lies at the intersection of software development and robotics. Post education, Charvi wants to continue to work on electric/autonomous vehicles. Charvi believes there's a lot of technological innovation and opportunities to positively impact the environment in this field.
Advice for other interns:
“We are all surrounded by amazing smart people, and we have so much to learn from each one of them. Let's make the best out of it and build our professional network.”

Aditya Karnam, Mechanical Engineering

Aditya Karnam

School: Iowa State University of Science & Technology
Hometown: Kochi, Kerala, India

One project I have worked on has been around research and development of scripts that will be used to inform about the safe operational behaviors for REGENT’s seaglider. My second is working on documented lines of code which showcase the hydrofoil from a 3D perspective. Here you can understand the physics between the subject and the scene.

Background: Aditya is very passionate about aerospace/aeronautical developments. In his free time, he likes to browse different kinds of aircraft and play/watch sports including cricket, soccer, football, and tennis. Aditya wants to make an impactful change in the field of aerospace/aeronautics in the future.
Advice for other interns: “Develop communication and other world-class skills by interacting with your fellow co-workers. Also, develop problem solving skills by overcoming roadblocks through perseverance and dedication.”

Charles Kirchner, Software Systems Engineering

Charles Kirchner

School: Northeastern University
: Pittsfield, MA
: Charles is working towards a Master's degree in Computer Science. He is a lifelong musician, who also enjoys hiking and training his Australian shepherd Pancho. During his summer at REGENT, Charles will be working on software and architecture definition for subsystems. Post graduation, Charles hopes to turn his career in the direction of working on understanding where and when AI improves and worsens outcomes for people and how to measure it.
Advice for other interns:
“Try everything and don't let anything slow you down! I'm really excited to work with all of the highly skilled engineers at REGENT and learn new approaches and perspectives on rapid prototyping and design.”

Cooper May, Systems Engineering

Cooper May

School: The George Washington University
: Yarmouth, ME

I am working to define, trace, verify, and track all levels of internal and external requirements for the Viceroy. This is very important because we’re moving through the process to ensure a high level of safety in the seaglider, while working to get the craft certified for commercial use.

: Cooper studies systems engineering at college. Cooper loves playing sports, being active outside, and spending time near water (lake or ocean). Studying abroad in the Czech Republic this coming fall, Cooper wants to travel a bit before settling down with a full-time job.
Advice for other interns:
“Don't be afraid to ask questions and inquire about what you are curious about. Soak up all the knowledge you can and reflect on what you learn periodically.”

Evy Miller-Nuzzo, Human Factors Engineering

Evy Miller-Nuzzo

School: Tufts University
: Wilmington, MA
: Evy is studying Human Factors Engineering at Tufts University. Evy has lived near Boston her whole life and spends her free time running/lifting, volunteering, and doing photography. This summer at REGENT, Evy is working with VP of Certification, Ted Lester, to help design the cockpit layout and displays. She will be learning how REGENT combines aviation displays with maritime controls in order to create the optimal cockpit for the seaglider.
Advice for other interns:
“Get to know your coworkers; you never know who'll have important knowledge and helpful tips. A friendly work environment makes all the difference in a job!”

Shayna Seiler, Commercial Sales Support Specialist

School: University of Michigan
: Northbrook, IL

Shayna Seiler
My daily projects have consisted of pitching REGENT to regional aircraft and ferry operators in the US, creating case studies for clients, and helping out with investor decks.

: As a student at University of Michigan, Shayna is studying Economics and Entrepreneurship. For hobbies, Shayna enjoys sports, writing, photography, and painting. Her work at REGENT has consisted of projects related to commercial business development. In the future, Shayna wants to be connected to the tech startup world. She wants to work with people to shape human development and be a part of a company that betters the world.
Advice for other interns:
“Take time to get to know your co-workers. Hearing how people got where they are and what they do during their workday opens the door to what paths exist. At REGENT, there is a culture where people want to curate an open atmosphere to learn from each other which should not be taken for granted.”

Hannah Spaeth, Government Business Development

School: St. Lawrence University
: Tewksbury, NJ

Hannah Spaeth
The field of Government is expansive, and the uses for REGENT's seagliders are abundant – so I anticipate that there's plenty more exploration of opportunities in store beyond said programs!

: Hannah, a rising senior at St. Lawrence University, has an entrepreneurial spirit, curious for all things related to our government. She loves writing and is the Editor in Chief of a startup young women's magazine. Hannah has been working with REGENT's Director of Government Business Development, Tim Rhatigan, to find opportunities for REGENT on the Gov-related side of the company's operations, including innovation programs.
Advice for other interns:
“Perform to your highest standard – and then tomorrow, raise the bar even higher and meet that!”

Ryan Sullivan, Marketing & Communications

Ryan Sullivan

School: Marist College
: Reading, MA

I'm working on Marketing & PR projects such as social media monitoring and content design, developing media lists, blog content creation, and monitoring press coverage. The overarching goal is to organize and develop strategies to increase brand awareness for REGENT.

: Ryan is a rising senior at Marist College, studying Communications, specifically PR. In his free time, Ryan enjoys watersports (especially slalom waterskiing), boating, and travelling. At REGENT, Ryan will be working alongside Head of Brand & Communications with all things Marketing and Communications.
Advice for other interns:
“Be curious and take risks. Always be open to new opportunities and learning new skills, knowledge and different ways to approach projects. It's important to be adaptable because the world is constantly changing.”

Kyle Thompson, Guidance Navigation Control

Kyle Thompson

School: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Hometown: Washingtonville, NY
I am working on controls for a new prototype and its implementation into simulation. I am involved with many components on the simulations side such as creating accurate models for prototypes to facilitate safe and valuable testing.
Background: Kyle is from upstate New York and is entering his senior year at MIT. He enjoys outdoor activities including hiking, climbing, and swimming. In the future, he hopes to make an impact on the world in a positive way, especially when it comes to the environment.
Advice for other interns: “Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and learn as much as you can.”