April 27, 2022

Making History at CoMotion Miami: REGENT Displays Seaglider Prototype and Signs Historic New Zealand Deal

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From global mayors and public transportation leaders to leading technologists, CoMotion Miami became the hub for urban mobility stakeholders in April. Billy gave a keynote speech and the team hosted a ceremonial signing of one of the  largest transportation deals in New Zealand history with Shah Aslam and John Hamilton of Air Napier’s new dedicated seaglider-operating subsidiary: Ocean Flyer.

REGENT's seaglider technical demonstrator on the water in Tampa, FL.

REGENT CEO Billy Thalheimer presented a keynote address at the event, “Seagliders—The Future of Sustainable Coastal Transportation,” introducing the seaglider as the world’s first viable commercial solution to all-electric coastal transportation. Following the keynote, Thalheimer invited attendees to REGENT’s booth where he unveiled the seaglider prototype, marking the first time the seaglider has been officially shared with the public.

Billy Thalheimer giving a keynote speech at CoMotion Miami in April 2022.

“There is no better place to share our vision for the future of all-electric coastal transportation and unveil our seaglider prototype than here at CoMotion Miami. Not only are we surrounded by innovative global leaders of future mobility, but we are in a hotspot of coastal transportation activity with millions of travelers along Miami’s coast and adjacent archipelagos every year,” said Billy Thalheimer. “We are so excited to share our seaglider with the public and welcome everyone to join us on this journey to make regional coastal transportation faster, safer, and more sustainable.”

Shah Aslam, CEO of Ocean Flyer with Billy Thalheimer.

At CoMotion, REGENT hosted a ceremonial signing to mark the deal with New Zealand-based Ocean Flyer, marking what is believed to be the largest private transportation deal in New Zealand’s history, increasing REGENT’s global footprint into the Southern Hemisphere. Ocean Flyer’s purchase order includes 25 seagliders: 15 Viceroys, each holding up to 12 passengers, and 10 Monarchs, which can hold up to 100 passengers.

“Sustainability is a gift we owe to future generations. We all know our generation must take action now to achieve carbon neutrality. REGENT's visionary transport solution enables us to empower people and businesses by offering an affordable, sustainable choice,” says Ocean Flyer CEO Shah Aslam. “Ocean Flyer is leading real change by introducing one of the most impactful transport sustainability initiatives of the 21st century to New Zealand, connecting communities and helping drive higher productivity and efficiency.”

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